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Online Evaluation Survey - Step 1 - Quick Check

Check any of the following that apply to your company.

After clicking 'Submit" you will see the result of the evaluation.

1. We just do not sell as much as we should, I know we could sell much more but somehow it does not happen
2. Management spend too much time operating and not enough time managing
3. We don't really know what our customers think about us. We assume its good because they keep buying
4. Our sales support systems are not what they should be. Customer records and CRM systems would help
5. Technology changes so rapidly in our field. Sometimes its hard to keep up with what's on offer
6. We answer tenders all the time, but we just don't win them

7. We have not had a session looking only at strategy in years

8. The business climate is becoming more and more difficult. Its much harder to make the same profits as before
9. New competitors are damaging our business, they have advantages like BBBEE status or more cash. It hurts margins
10. Big retailers are hurting us. They offer no expertise, but they sell similar products for prices we can't match
11. We tried advertising more but it just didn't work
12. We have thought about new ways to sell, like the Internet, but have not implemented them
13. Every year we are short of our goals, sometimes by only a little, but it's still frustrating
14. We lost a big customer recently
15. We are usually short of cash, and this affects our ability to stock and sell
16. Our market changes so quickly, we are never really sure if we are on top of things