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Creator of MarkStrat and facilitator on the seminars is Ed Hatton, owner and principle consultant of The Marketing Director, a strategy and marketing consultancy working with SME's that has operated with distinction since 1990.

Ed had many years experience in sales, marketing and management in the IT industry prior to forming The Marketing Director. He has been as salesman and earned the distinction of being best in the world, an area manager who pioneered direct mail to a target audience, a marketing product manager who ran the first major advertising campaign for computer sales, a channel marketing manager who launched telesales in IT before it was called telesales, and the sales and marketing manager of the most successful PC dealership in the 90's.

In his career as a consultant Ed achieved as many successes and innovated just as before. He wrote the marketing plan for an Internet Service provider in the very early days of the Internet, and that ISP is now M-Web. He became one of Business Partners first Mentors in 2000, and is now one of their most successful. His track record of helping business to grow and develop is impressive and his failures are few.

Ed believes passionately in ongoing learning and development, in seeking out new ways to address business issues, and that is where MarkStrat comes from. Drawn from his unequalled experience he designed something that would fit the unmet need for an affordable, time efficient and action orientated strategy health check up.

Ed has been married to Lal for more than 30 years, is a LifeLine Counselor member, an honorary life member of both the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Alfa Romeo Club of SA, a photographer and a classic car rallyist.