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Ideal for:-

  • SME's that are managed by between 3 and 10 key senior managers who each have direct responsibility for the success of the business or parts of the business
  • Management teams who are heavily committed in day to day tasks, teams that are hands on business managers, and rarely review strategy.
  • Businesses that are functioning and reasonably successful, they may be anywhere from break even to highly profitable and growing. It is always prudent to review strategy even in the most successful businesses.

Not for:-

  • Businesses that are in serious trouble - this methodology has not been tested as a turnaround technique
  • Businesses run by a single entrepreneur who makes all the decisions
  • Businesses where there are fundamental differences of belief between managers about key strategic areas of the company - e.g. goals, target markets etc.
  • Start-up operations - the methodology may work in this environment but has not been tested for start-ups.

Different interventions are available for businesses in these categories. Contact The Marketing Director for more details